Thursday, April 29, 2010

Super Burrito - $.92 breakfast taco vs $1.69 Monster breakfast taco

Gotta love a place that that has a chili pepper with a cape as it's mascot. Gotta love a place that has 92 cent breakfast tacos. But really nothing super about Super Burrito at 1800 E. Oltorf except the prices.Is it to late to change the name to Average Burrito? Don't get me wrong, the place is good but not super good. Unless they are just talking about a flying chili mascot.

I always seem to stop at Super Burrito on my way to work after one of those long, taking a client out, having a little bit to much to drink type of nights. 

Even though they have many different items and different tacos, they even have a Monster Breakfast Taco, I always order the same thing. Chorizo and egg breakfast taco. Of course because they are only 92 cents. The quantity varies on the previous night. I'll take the tacos back to work and head to fridge to add shredded cheese from somebody's birthday breakfast leftover. Yes, I am Mexican and I am resourceful like that.

However, this particular morning I figured I would be a little crazy and check out something different. And there was that sign that teases me every hungover morning when I get ready to order my usual tacos. 

Ok Mister Monster Taco, you want some of me? I am going to put you to the test. I'm going find out what's a better deal with tax included, Two breakfast tacos for $2.00 or one Monster taco for $1.83.

I ordered one Monster Taco with chorizo and egg and order a sausage and egg breakfast taco, figured might as well try a couple of different things.

Placed my order, and in no time had my Tacos but not before being questioned by the window girl on why I was taking her picture while she was giving my food.

So I sped back to the office so the tacos where still hot enough to melt the three month old cheese from the office fridge.

First what I needed to do was take a picture of the foiled wrapped tacos just to compare their sizes to each other.

Ok, not bad, the Monster taco could be considered two normal tacos...

Now to open them up. Ok,  this still looking good until I start to unwrap the Monster taco.

Yes, it is a big tortilla but they don't stuff it all the way.

See how I can unfold the monster tort to show its useless appendix?  Rule of thumb. Don't serve a MONSTER TACO that has so much tortilla left over. I think I could have wrapped my breakfast taco in there as well. Yes, I could have played surgeon and removed the useless pieces of tortilla that did nothing but reduce the flavor of egg and chorizo but I didn't.

I decided to add the cheese and make a breakfast burrito out of it.

Now I had a Sausage and egg breakfast taco and an egg and chorizo breakfast burrito.

Yes, I felt a little fooled at the mirage of the Monster Taco. The only thing monster about it was the tortilla. I think they could be more successful by selling the regular tacos super stuffed instead of big tortilla that is not stuffed.

Like I said don't get me wrong, I go to Super burrito often. Its good but only .92 cent good. I probably will be sticking with the two breakfast tacos option. Theres just something about having two breakfast tacos than a visual, ONE I know this MONSTER taco doesn't have as much filling as it could option.

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