Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yolky Chorizo Migas Breakfast Tacos

I love Chorizo. I love Migas and I love Yolk.

Let me show you how to make one of my favorite tacos.
It's my Yolky Chorizo Migas breakfast taco.

What you'll need.
- 2 Corn tortillas
- 1 Tablespoon of Chorizo
- 2 Large eggs
- 2 Flour tortilla
- Dash of oil
- Pat of butter
-Sprinkle of shredded cheese

I try be be healthy as possible and we all know how that goes.

First, add oil to the skillet and heat. Use very little oil to fry the corn tortilla and then tear up the corn tortillas into strips or squares or triangles. You can tear them however you want, it's your taco. 

Fry the tortillas until they are browned and almost crispy and then add the chorizo and cook for one minute. Add the pat of butter when the chorizo looks ready. Mix.

While the chorizo and tortillas finish cooking start to heat your flour tortillas.
I will slap you.

Cook the chorizo and tortilla to your desired wellness in the butter.

Now set aside half the tortillas and chorizo mixture for the second egg.

Spread the chorizo and tortillas mixture to where the center is clean and break the egg into the center. Fry the egg for about 1 1/2 minutes on each side.
REPEAT for the second egg.
When done, put the eggs on the plate and put the shredded cheese on top.
If you want two eggs, get the mixture you set aside and repeat for the second egg.

When both eggs are done, dig in and mix in the yolk.

What you now have is an awesome show me your taco breakfast taco.

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