Monday, August 9, 2010

Tacos and Tequila - Austin TX

A couple of weeks ago I passed by this new place off 5th street called Tacos & Tequila. Tacos & Tequila huh? I thought to myself. I need to make some time and check this place out.

Too bad I only focus on the tacos side of it. I’ll need to find a drinker to go with me.

Fast forward one week and I meet my new foodie friend Matt McGinnis. And guess what? He reviews alcoholic drinks. I had mentioned that I saw this new place and wanted to try it. He mentioned that he had gone before but would like to go again. We were like a peanut butter cup, chocolate and peanut butter for one great taste. We were like milk and cookies. We were like gin and tonic…OK, you get the idea.

It was like the Alcohol Gods’ sent Matt to me to partake in Tacos and Tequila, coincidentally the name of the place were going to review. We had a plan. We would have a feast of Tacos and Tequila and review the parts we review the best.

For all the Tequila goodness, go visit Matt’s site for his review.
For all the taco goodness, stay where you are because the ride is about to start on its way.

First of all you need to be good looking to eat here, seriously. This place could be called TnTnA and it would still be the same place. WOW!
We went on a Thursday night and it was hopping. It was either birthday night for beautiful people or the Beautiful people’s weekly meeting or wear your shortest skirt, lowest cut blouse night... even for the guys.
But I had to ignore it all. I was there so I could tell you about their tacos not their unusual amount of hotness.
After getting primed with a few drinks and appetizers it was taco time. We let them choose our tacos since we really couldn’t decide. Our server happily recommended two taco platters with the staff agreed six best tacos. Let’s do it.

Out came two plates of tacos. This is in no particular order.

Corn Crusted Chicken – Easily my favorite taco of the night. Not only because Matt doesn’t eat fried food and I got it all to myself, but because it was just a plain ole good taco. It was a like a Chicken Milanese wrapped in a tortilla with cumin, coriander and pickled red onions. Simple and good. $3

Chipotle Chicken – I like the chipotle. If it has a chipotle flavor I am probably going to like it. And I did. But what made this one special was the ginger that was infused into the chipotle baste. It made me do a double take and quickly grab the menu to figure out what that taste was. $3

Rojo Shrimp – This was a grilled shrimp taco basted with the same chipotle ginger used in the chipotle chicken. The shrimp were big and the relish was made up of jicama slaw, a spicy guajillo mayo, and mango. So far three for three on the tasty scale. $3.5

Fried Shrimp – Think the Rojo shrimp above but with beer battered fried shrimp. I like the fried better. It might be because I got it all to myself. Something about the crust at TnT that makes these fried things taste good.

Red Chile Salmon – Rubbed with a mild red chile crust that works well with the same relish and the other sea food tacos. The chunks of Salmon were big and meaty and not to fishy. Really worked well with the spicy guajillo mayo.

BBQ Pulled Pork – This taco is the one that made me wonder if it would just ruin the whole experience before I even tasted it. . I like BBQ but never really had a BBQ taco before and wasn’t really looking forward to trying it. I have to admit it was surprisingly good. The rachera BBQ sauce is what did it for me. It wasn’t just BBQ; it was like a Mexican, not so BBQy, not so al pastor bbq sauce.

So there we go, a nice quick round up of the beautiful people taco experience. The tacos are a tad pricey but nothing uncommon for tacos in these parts.

Next time I go, I will make sure to get more beer.... and be better looking.

I put up two reviews for this one. One for the tacos and one for the tequila. They are both 5 1/2 minutes. The beginnings and the ends are somewhat the same but the middles are different.

The Tacos

Tacos & Tequila Tacos from Nelson Flores on Vimeo.

The Tequilas

Tacoism – 3.5 out of 5

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