Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Polvos - 2004 S 1st St. Austin TX

I needed to meet up with a friend so I could return her Crocs that had been left in our office. These Crocs had been under my desk for two years. We decided to have lunch for the Croc exchange and she suggested Polvos.

"AWESOME," I said to myself. I can return her Crocs and review some tacos at a place I'd been wanting to try all at the same time.

I have known of Polvos for quite some time, but had never ventured over. Although I've passed by it many times on my treks downtown and my attention has been caught by the colorful neon sign out front, I had never actually heard anything about the food they serve.

Today was the day.

Michelann introduced me to their Exotic Taco. Think of it as a big f'ing tostada on a flour tortilla, stacked with meat and sauce. Huge. HUGE, I tell you.

I had the Al Pastor Exotic Taco with Calientes sauce.
My Friend Michelann had the Guisado De Puerco Exotic Taco with the Veracrusana sauce.

We both agreed that while very tasty, the novelty of our exotic tacos wore off about 3/4 the way through. It was that feeling of eating the same thing over and over again.

Watch the review in HD
Watch the review

Tacoism - 3 out of 5

Polvos - 2004 S 1st St. Austin TX from Nelson Flores on Vimeo.

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