Friday, May 28, 2010

3 tacos for $2.69

I was a little late to work this morning. Blame it on tacos.

This morning I went to Taqueria - Los Jalisciences at 1815 West Ben White Boulevard.
This places was recommended to me by Courtney Steen, who is now Courntey Steen Turner. She was raving about the breakfast tacos. Not only were they good, they were big and cheap.

I just happened to be driving by this morning after dropping Brooklyn off at my parents house. Usually my parent have their breakfast tacos waiting for me when I drop off the young one. This morning was note one of those mornings. NO TACOS FOR YOU!

So, needless to say, I had a hankering for breakfast tacos. Figured I'd stop off at ole' faithful Corkey's Tacos on the frontage road corner of N35 and 1st street.

THEN there it was! The big sign that I had seen many times before. Of course, before it's been a KFC sign and a chicken and waffles sign but instantly I remembered that was the place Courtney was telling me about when I saw the familiar green sign with cactus and margaritas.

I decided to take a U-turn and check it out. I parked and quickly walked inside. I love it when these taquerias places are authentic. You walk right in and know.

Do you know how you can tell if it's authentic?

Nope, its not the home cooking, cumin smell.

Nope, it's not when Spanish is the primary language and English a distant second.

Nope, it's not the waitress dressed up like they are gonna be in Sabado Gigante, which is HOT by the way.

It's when the glass counter that the cash register is sitting on is filled with Mexican goodies. Toys, candies, powder chili candy, Jesus candles. That's when you know this place is real.

So I pick a menu and the taco option is either .99 cents a taco or three of the same kind for $2.69.I order three of my usual chorizo y huevo breakfast taco. Total is $2.91 with tax.
Not F'ing bad.

As quick as I ordered, out came the waitress with a paper bag.  I swear I had those tacos' in about 5 minutes. I said thanks and walked out to my car and continued on my way to work. As I drove I could smell the taco steam leaving the bag. I glanced over and noticed the bottom of the bag beginning to get soaked with chorizo grease. "Hell yes, these are gonna be good" I thought to myself.

I parked and quickly made my way to the office. I think this is the first time I have ever run to work.

I open the bag and smile at their use of one piece of foil and wax paper to wrap the the tacos as I begin to get my first look at these tacos. No wonder they are so inexpensive. They save on foil cost.

I was impressed by the size of the tacos. These were MUCH bigger than Super Burritos and service was much faster. But now came the real test. They had passed the price, speed, and sizetests. TASTE! How do they taste?
I skipped the free cheese in the company fridge.I wanted to see how these taste the way they come. I think I found the best chorizo and egg tacos in Austin people. 

They were good. They were real good. 

I am a chorizo snob and really liked the taste of this chorizo. 
Another thing I liked is that they used egg straight from the egg. These eggs were not beaten with a milk mixture. How the hell do you know that you may ask? You can tell when you can see the yellow cooked yolk mixed into the egg white and red chorizo.
Believe me, you can see it and taste it. If you can't tell, then you need to eat more breakfast tacos.

I give Taqueria - Los Jalisciences on Ben White 5 on the Tacoism chart. The tacos were Big, tasty, and inexpensive. Sorry Supper Burrito, I think I found a new taco.


  1. Damn, just found your blog and even though I live in LA.. I really want some of these amazing looking breakfast tacos... wow those look good.

  2. This tacos were awesome. AND it wasn't only because they were so inexpensive. Let me know if you are ever in town and we'll get some.