Monday, March 15, 2010

Jaime's Spanish Village - Austin, TX

802 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701

Jeff and I have been itch’n for tacos the past few weeks but we weren’t able to get together for lunch.

Well, last week we got together and made it to Jaime’s Spanish Village. Jaime’s has been there since 1931 and I have been there twice in my lifetime… And there’s a reason why… a 7 dollar lunch. The food was good but not great. The beans were good but not great. The rice was ok. It won’t be my first choice for Mexican food next time I’m downtown.

Since I am a cheapo, I wanted ANYTHING that was less than 7 dollars. Right away, I went to the a la carte section of the menu. Surely there has to be a dish in this section that I can afford and has a single item, and stop calling me surely. A Taco, a plate of rice, a plate of beans, NOPE.. Nothing in that variety. It seemed that a la carte meant without rice and beans, now let’s nitpick. What does a la carte mean to you? Well, to Jaime’s it means 3 tacos WITHOUT beans and rice for $7.25. You can get half an order of al la carte tacos for a dollar less. That's right a half order of 3 tacos. HOWEVER, you can get a Taco Plate, which has two tacos of your choice with rice and beans… for 6.25… same price of the half order al la carte. I knew what I was getting. The lunch specials were 6.99. AH AHAAHAHA I will save 74 cents AND get beans and rice.
I am the man.

Well, since I’m a cheapo I went for the taco plate for 6.25 because I am soo smart and wanted to save 74 cents. A Taco Plate has two tacos a side of rice and beans. I got a Chicken taco and a Beef taco. The Beef taco was stuffed and nicely seasoned. The chicken taco was good but the chicken could have been seasoned a bit more. The beans were fine but the rice was a little bland. Over all I give my plate a 3.

Jeff got the # 5 which had a beef taco, cheese enchilada smothered in a meat sauce and chips and queso. His looked great. He offered to let me order the #5 early on while we were deciding but I went cheap and got burned. Jeff’s plate just plain ole looked better than mine, and I’m sure tasted better as well… all for just a measly 74 cents more. :( Maybe with wasn’t that great because he gave it a 3.5. To quote Jeff “nothing special… just decent good.”

That is a great summary and will leave it at that. Jaime’s is nothing special, just decent and good.

Tacoism? The first ever 3.25 out of 5

Jamie's Spanish Village from Nelson Flores on Vimeo.


  1. I agree in that their food is Mediocre, sometimes it is better than others but the norm is, that it was decent enough (better than some...)
    The best thing about Jaime's is their Salsa and Margaritas! I love a place I can order a picture of top shelf frozen margaritas! for 3 people and we all get 3 or 4 drinks and a buzz out of it!
    Oh and I heard they are closing hteir doors at the end of July 2010 so I am headed there to get one last pitcher!

  2. You have ONE MORE DAY! Hurry up and get those Margaritas.