Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Los Jaliscienses - 5/5

6201 E Highway 290
Austin, TX 78723

A seriously good place.

So, this is the continuation of our failed attempt to get a quick bite to eat at Amaya's Taco Village. AGAIN, nothing against Amaya's it's just that we were short on time and had to eat quickly.

Well, it was a blessing in disguise. Once we left Capital Plaza I knew that the Orange Juicer looking place I have seen before was right up the road and that's where we were headed.

I am glad we did. Food was great. The three salas were great. The only issue we had was that our waitress temporarily forgot about us but the food more than made up for it. The waitress also apologized which was another good thing rather then ignoring it.

Tacos reviewed were
-Chicken Fajita Taco
-Lengua (Tongue)
-Al Pastor - I THINK THIS MAY BE THE BEST IN AUSTIN. Add the Jalapeno dressing, sour cream and lemon.
-Sope - Thick looking tostada

Tacoism - 5 out of 5

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Watch the review

Los Jaliscienses - 5/5 from Nelson Flores on Vimeo.


  1. Holla! This is my favorite place for breakfast tacos, too. Seriously. Three big delicious tacos for cheap cheap in the mornings.

    Los Jalisciences is the only restaurant whose number is saved in my phone. It's under "Tacos."

  2. Hi Addie,

    Yes, I will definitely be heading back.

  3. Dud, your tacoismness is amazingly hilarious and refreshing! Keep it up!