Monday, October 24, 2011

Breakfast at the parents

Extra benefit of dropping off the youngest at grandma and grandpas house. They always have breakfast waiting for us.

Thanks mom and dad.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Bring the awesomeness of The Cloud and Tacos Together!

Ever have that late night need for a taco. Or just a little too lazy to got get one yourself? Well, Co-founders Andrew Rubalcaba and Jonathan Campos have harnessed the power of the internet Cloud and Tacos to bring you the Taco Cloud.

Taco Cloud offers a robust platform on which commercial and independent taco vendors can sell their tacos to taco loving consumers via the cloud straight to your home.The platform allows for companies like well known International Taco Vendors and independent Taco Shops to participate and bring you their taco goodness.

Read all about it here - Taco Cloud

Demo 1 - By co-founder Jonathan Campos gives an online demo

Demo 2- Co-Founder Andrew Rubalcaba gives a mobile app demo

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where's not the beef? - Taco Bell is where it's not

Let me start off by saying, what the hell is anti-dusting agent? I don't know either but it one of the fillers in Taco Bell's "beef" <- (I used the quotes correctly).

As a matter of fact, there's a lawsuit stating that there isn't enough beef in Taco Bell “seasoned ground beef” or “seasoned beef”to meet the minimum requirements set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. According to attorney Dee Miles, their tests found that Taco Bell’s “meat mixture” contained less that 35 percent beef.

See? I told you that Taco Bell doesn't have enough beef in there tacos.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Taqueria Cancun - San Francisco

What the hell? Where are the Austin Taco joint reviews?

Sorry for the lack of Austin reviews. It's just when I go to another city I have this strong desire to test their tacobilities. I was on my way to San Francisco for the Jive conference and figured it was taco time. This time I tested the tacobilities of Taqueria Cancun in San Francisco, California.

Taqueria Cancun
1003 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Before I headed out to California, I got online and searched for a taco establishment I would like to check out. A few came up but one particularly stood out. Taqueria Cancun. It had good reviews. Food was reasonably priced. The food looked good but those weren't the reason I wanted to check it out. The picture of the bum asleep under the awning it what did it for me. HELL YES, that's where I want to go. And guess what, it wasn't that far from the hotel that I was staying at.

As the night went on at the conference, it was time to eat and my little entourage was getting hungry. Me and my group of Brad, Cora, and Eddie decided to ditch the plan of Taqueria Cancun and eat at the closest Mexican restaurant.

I don't remember the name of the place but as soon as we walked in, we knew we this wasn't a traditional Mexican restaurant. It didn't look like it, the waiters and bus boys spoke English well, they actually SAT us at a table and it didn't have the taqueria smell. As soon as we were sat, I heard in my head this is not the taqueria you are looking for.  We stood up and walked out. I got on my phone and confirmed the location of Taqueria Cancun and on our way we went.

As we approached the entrance of Taqueria Cancun...You could smell it. Oh yes, you could smell it. Tortillas on the comal, meat on the grill, lead based paint for the sea mural painted on the wall and BO from the staff. OH yes, we were here. Another indicator that this was a good place was that it is BYOB.

Items ordered

Burrito Mojado - Lengua - I love it when the lengua is cut up and not shredded. This way you can really see what you are eating. The burrito was good. The rice and beand inside the burrito was good as well but it was just a tad to mojado for me. The sauce worked but it was just a little to much.

Burrito Mojado - Carne Asada - Brad enjoyed his burrito. He had originally order a Burrito Mojado with Pollo but that's not what he got. To me, that was the only hiccup of the visit. He did like what he ended up getting. Preety much the same as my burrito.

Four Super Tacos - Carne Asada - Two with Sour Cream and two without. Can't go wrong with a taco that has huge slices of avocado on top. Eddie describes the taco as delicious and fresh. His meat was tender and well seasoned.  Cora said her taco was fresh as well but the meat was to fatty for her. Even though she enjoyed it, it was not her kind of place and probably wouldn't return. especially since it's in San Francisco.

Tacoism - 4 out of 5

Taqueria Cancun from Nelson Flores on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fast Food Items Not Available In The U.S. That Should Be

Ahh Buzzfeed does it again with a list of 14 Fast Food Items Not Available In The U.S. That Should B.

Usually I look at these items with disgust and close my browser. HOWEVER, this time the number one food item was the Nacho Whopper from the Netherlands. My does it take the Dutch to come up with a Whopper I want to try? Bring this item home Burger King!

See the rest of the other countries goodness here

Friday, October 22, 2010

Corky's - Under new management

About a year ago I came across Corky's Tacos at the corner of I35 N frontage and Ceaser Chavez.

I decided to stop because of the neon colors of the trailer. Some thing about the use if the colors told me they had good tacos. Upon stopping and actually getting to walk around the establishment I knew some thought was put into the place. The trailer was surrounded by colored rolled glass and a make shift sitting area was created out of out of the way parking.

The first thing I noticed when I went to order was that the tacos were $1.50 for three items. Three items? Cool, I like that better than the $1.50 for two items + .25 for extra items. I liked this place so much I decided to place a geocache at this location. You can read about that here.

As time went on the three item tacos turned into two items. The hours of operation became inconsistent and soon the trailer seemed to be closed every other day. So, I kind of forgot about the place other than the occasional geocacher finding my loot and not being able to get a taco.

Recently, I noticed that Corky's was open again and they had placed signs on the frontage road showing that they now had $1 breakfast tacos. Of course I was curious of their absences and their $1 tacos just made it that much easier to stop.

I figured I would get three tacos and try a different array of tacos. I ordered the Chorizo and egg, Potato and egg, and the Bean and egg.

I my order was being cooked I talked to the new manager and he let me know they they are under new management and that Ruben (original owner) was no longer there. I made it my duty to tell him about the cache and stopped in to try their new tacos......  He seemed kind of edgy about the cache but said I could leave it there. I took  the tacos and made my merry way.

Got to my office and opened my tacos........ Two of the three were wrong... I understand that orders are sometimes wrong but when I am the only one ordering I seriously expect my order to be correct even if I get extras.

My chorizo and egg tacos was ok. They had also included potato. Sure it's extra food  but it's still wrong. The chorizo tasted different from what the previous owner used. It had a ginger taste to it but I really couldn't place it.

The Potato and egg was an uneventful potato and egg but still worth $1.

My bean and egg was they one that threw me for a loop. It was just bean... no egg. Made me sad. Even if she thought it was a double bean taco it was single bean.

That's not to say they weren't good but it was wrong. As I always do, I will go again and give them another chance. It's just a buck right?