Friday, October 22, 2010

Corky's - Under new management

About a year ago I came across Corky's Tacos at the corner of I35 N frontage and Ceaser Chavez.

I decided to stop because of the neon colors of the trailer. Some thing about the use if the colors told me they had good tacos. Upon stopping and actually getting to walk around the establishment I knew some thought was put into the place. The trailer was surrounded by colored rolled glass and a make shift sitting area was created out of out of the way parking.

The first thing I noticed when I went to order was that the tacos were $1.50 for three items. Three items? Cool, I like that better than the $1.50 for two items + .25 for extra items. I liked this place so much I decided to place a geocache at this location. You can read about that here.

As time went on the three item tacos turned into two items. The hours of operation became inconsistent and soon the trailer seemed to be closed every other day. So, I kind of forgot about the place other than the occasional geocacher finding my loot and not being able to get a taco.

Recently, I noticed that Corky's was open again and they had placed signs on the frontage road showing that they now had $1 breakfast tacos. Of course I was curious of their absences and their $1 tacos just made it that much easier to stop.

I figured I would get three tacos and try a different array of tacos. I ordered the Chorizo and egg, Potato and egg, and the Bean and egg.

I my order was being cooked I talked to the new manager and he let me know they they are under new management and that Ruben (original owner) was no longer there. I made it my duty to tell him about the cache and stopped in to try their new tacos......  He seemed kind of edgy about the cache but said I could leave it there. I took  the tacos and made my merry way.

Got to my office and opened my tacos........ Two of the three were wrong... I understand that orders are sometimes wrong but when I am the only one ordering I seriously expect my order to be correct even if I get extras.

My chorizo and egg tacos was ok. They had also included potato. Sure it's extra food  but it's still wrong. The chorizo tasted different from what the previous owner used. It had a ginger taste to it but I really couldn't place it.

The Potato and egg was an uneventful potato and egg but still worth $1.

My bean and egg was they one that threw me for a loop. It was just bean... no egg. Made me sad. Even if she thought it was a double bean taco it was single bean.

That's not to say they weren't good but it was wrong. As I always do, I will go again and give them another chance. It's just a buck right?

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