Saturday, December 12, 2009

Breakfast Tacos - no chorizo, no bacon? No problem

So this morning I realized that I didn't have any of the usual meat suspects for the breakfast tacos. No bacon and no chorizo. I have ham but that doesn't count. I don't want to hear it gringos. Ham is for the Egg McMuffin. I am not a fan of the ham in my breakfast tacos.....
I do, however, have left over taco meat. And I am sure we all do. Ahh, the Taco meat, the perpetual left over meat.
And I am sure we all have potatoes as well.
Perfect. Got my meat. I got some taters and I have hungry kids. Breakfast Impossible? I don't think so.
I cut up some potatoes, fry them up with the taco meat and VIOLA! Picadillo for the eggs.
Goes perfectly with my philosophy of everything is better with egg. Now throw in your egg mixture. My mixture always includes egg, milk, and cheese.
Now I heat up some tortillas, wrap up the eggs it the flat bread goodness.


And as my son said, the taco meat really enhances the flavor.

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