Friday, April 1, 2011

Bring the awesomeness of The Cloud and Tacos Together!

Ever have that late night need for a taco. Or just a little too lazy to got get one yourself? Well, Co-founders Andrew Rubalcaba and Jonathan Campos have harnessed the power of the internet Cloud and Tacos to bring you the Taco Cloud.

Taco Cloud offers a robust platform on which commercial and independent taco vendors can sell their tacos to taco loving consumers via the cloud straight to your home.The platform allows for companies like well known International Taco Vendors and independent Taco Shops to participate and bring you their taco goodness.

Read all about it here - Taco Cloud

Demo 1 - By co-founder Jonathan Campos gives an online demo

Demo 2- Co-Founder Andrew Rubalcaba gives a mobile app demo

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