Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tortilla Science - Tortilla Suave

Caravan Ingredients has developed a conditioner called Tortilla Suave to extend the shelf life and reduce the stickiness of tortillas. 

Tortilla Suave? I have to admit this first thing that popped into my mind looked something like the picture to the right.

BUT NO, that is not Tortilla Suave. To bad because I would definitely buy that cassette and play it on my boom box all day long. 

Nope, Tortilla Suave is a new ingredient developed by Caravan in effort to increase the shelf life of tortillas. Yes, the shelf life of tortillas. 

I don't know about your tortilla usage but a pack of 20 tortillas doesn't last a week in my household. I don't think I'll be needing Tortilla Suave in my torts. Better yet, tell me who is going to use this ingredient in their tortillas and I will make sure not to buy them. I know I don't want tortillas that have been stacked on shelves for a while.

The best tortillas are made on premise anyway. You can keep your taco science and give me lard.

I still think you need to read the story so you can read about how Tortillas have a very large surface area to weight ratio and how the “control” tortilla becomes dry and brittle and the “test” tortilla retains its soft flexible qualities.”

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