Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Des Moines Taco Tour 2009 Round 2

Last week we reviewed Tasty Tacos and Los Laureles where Tasty Tacos won round one with a runaway victory.

Who would win this week? The Taco Truck in front of Laureles or Taco Loco?

The Taco Truck in front of Laureles

I had noticed this taco truck in front of Los Laureles before going in and told myself to make sure I tried it before leaving.

First of all it was one of the coolest taco trucks I have ever seen. Black with a custom air brushed decoration look. Something mean about it. I went up and took a look at the menu.

AAHHH there is that Cabeza taco again. Let me see what they think Cabeza taco is in Des Moines, IA?

Yup, just like barbacoa they told me. Well, let’s try this.

The Taco

Cabeza – Nothing really special about the cabeza taco but it was good. I do have to say for a mean looking truck these people were nice. This place looked like a father and son operation. The owner even let me inside the taco truck to record him make my taco.

3 out of 5 on the Tacoism chart.

Taco Loco
Next Stop, Taco Loco. First note, Police officers seem to like this place. Maybe it is a high crime area? Maybe there is a police station nearby? Maybe this is the new donut substitute? I don’t know. All I know is that this place had a plethora of police officers. Tell me Jami, do you know what a plethora is?

We walked in and could hear that familiar sound of meat getting chopped hard on a chopping board just like when in Mexico. I looked over the counter and I could say these two people grabbin slabs of simmering meat and chopped them up right in front of your eyes as they used the torts to scoop up the meat to deliver their nicely stuffed taco. NIICCEEE I said to myself. Now what do I want to order. We were kind of taken back by the menu. It seemed like we had to order a whole mess of tacos to get an order. Plastered on the menu board was a big picture of plate of 5 tacos with a high price next to it. WHOA! I don’t want that many tacos. After a quick few questions, we were told that we could order single tacos they just have on the board like that so you could by the butt load.

A quick scan of the menu I saw the quesadilla. I hate to admit it but I was something a little more than just meat and a tort. I had to go with the quesadilla. YES, a little unfair but I need a big more substance.

The Tacos..um and quesadilla.

Lengua – WOW! I sure did love this taco..um I mean quesadilla, the lengua was moist. The cheese was er, cheesy and greasy. The tort was perfectly burnt. I really could eat another but had to hold myself back. I do have to say that this place shot quickly to the top but I knew I would need a few days to think it over because Tasty Tacos was a league in their own. AHH, got to think.

Asada – Corey saidhe liked this taco out of the two he had. He said ti was prety authentic. Todd wasn’t to hip on his taco and gave iot to my son. Needless to say, my son liked it.
Fish – Did get much feedback but I heard it was good.

Al Pastor – I know that Tracie and Roger liked this taco.

4 out of 5 on the Tacoism chart

Conclusion for Round two?

Taco Loco wins it…but I really have been fighting with myself about the taco/quesadilla. It was not a taco but it sure did look like one. I didn’t let myself really menu float with the three other places but in my heart I knew this place was good. The only other place so far that had cheese was tasty tacos and both these places were on top of the list so far.

Des Moines Taco Tour 2009 Round 2 from Nelson Flores on Vimeo.

There we go for round two of the Des Moines Taco Tour.

Tune in next week when we go to a Taco Marianna’s and El Bait Shop.

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  1. Great vid! Too bad we could not have hit el chisme- it is Good with a capital "G"